Golf Pictures 

Every summer, The Cin-Day Lucky Dawgs host an annual golf outing for charity. Each year this outing has grown and continues to be a lot of fun! We have raffles, hole contests, prizes and plenty of brew and cheer. We extend a warm welcome to any Browns fan to participate. If you are a fan from any other team, you are welcome as well! (We promise we won’t try to convert you!). The following are pictures from current and past outings.

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Golf Pictures 


The Annual SW Ohio Browns Backers Golf Outing is in the books - and what a day it was! Thanks to all those who came out and made it such a success. And a special thanks to our special guests, Earnest and Tina Byner.  It was wonderful to have them join us on such a beautiful SW Ohio day. Here are some pictures from the day's events.

2015 CDLDBB Golf Outing Group
                Photo2015 Champs

Team ATeam B

Team CTeam D

Team ETeam F

Team GTeam H

Team ITeam J

Team KTeam L

And some additional photos, with some candid shots -

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Candids 4Candids 6

Candids 7Candids 8

Candids 9Candids 10

Candids 11Candids 12

Candids 13Candids 14

Candids 15Candids 16

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Candids 21Candids 22

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Golf Pictures 


What a GREAT Golf Outing!!! 


All 60 golfers showed up and paid to play!! 


Here are a few of the pictures that were taken that day...More to come as I get them!!













Golf Pictures