Charities and Outreach: Our Browns Backers club is a non-profit organization with a charitable purpose. We raise money through various raffles, members’ dues and charitable fund-raisers. All excess funds or margins are donated to various charities. We’ve raised thousands of dollars for many charities. We’ve also participated in some community outreach programs. The following are charities that we’ve supported over the years:


Susan G Komen – Breast Cancer

Muscular Dystrophy

The Cleveland Browns Foundation,

Family Promise of Butler County,

Spikes K-9 Fund,

Animal Friends Humane Society,

Blue Line K9 Project,

We encourage anyone to check out the above charities and make any personal donations if you can!


Dawgs Helping Dogs: At every game, we have a “Swear Jar” on our display table, just in case the Browns’ play forces you to use certain vocabulary that mother wouldn’t approve of (LOL). The swear jar funds are collected throughout the year and donated to the Animal Friends Humane Society in December along with dozens of bags of dog food donated by our club members. Our four-legged, fury friends appreciate our generosity.

Safety Rally Pictures with

Randi Rico or Safety Dawg


After the Safety Rally check here for your picture with Safety Dawg or Randi Rico

If you find your picture and want to have a copy of your own just right click your picture and select "Save Picture as" then name it what you want and save it to your picture file or desktop.  Look at all of them as you may have more than one picture!


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