Our club is very active and we work hard 12 months of the year to continue our tradition of making our Browns Backer Sundays exciting & fun. Here is the latest scoop:


Year in Review - 2020

The Browns as well as the entire NFL were dealt the Corona Virus hand in 2020. This made it difficult for all teams and especially the Browns Backers fan clubs throughout the land. On the field, the Browns had an exciting year in 2020, making the playoffs for the first time in a long time and winning our wildcard contest against the Steelers.  As a BB fan club, we had to take many precautions and abide by state & local restrictions, which minimized our weekly attendance. As a result, our popular half-time raffle, Browns trivia, member-of-the-week, suburb-of-the-week, junior spirit award, and other popular traditions were cancelled. Despite these circumstances, we survived and plan to bounce back next year. Hopefully, 2020 will not deflate our spirit as we move forward to 2021. In June, we held our annual golf outing and raised $1500 for The Cleveland Browns Foundation. We also made charitable donations to the Animal Friends Shelter in Hamilton and Family Promise of Butler County.  


"PR" - Articles about our club


Our active status often results in "PR" opportunities. In September's Cleveland Magazine, an article featured our Browns Backers club. It was a great article giving us some nice exposure. On the Sunday of our first playoff game, the Dayton Daily News featured an article about the fan base / Backer clubs in this area. The article was written by Tom Archdeacon who has won many awards for his excellent writings over the years. This article was no exception. A big THANK YOU to Cleveland Magazine and the Dayton Daily News! Read about us by clicking on the links below.

Archdeacon: Fewer expletives -- and more excellence (




Heading into - 2021


As the Corona Virus gradually fades into the sunset, we will plan our usual agenda which includes our Draft Day party, Golf outing in June, Indians/Reds in spring or summer, and a full schedule of gatherings for every game at The Lucky Dog Grille. Come and join us!


Social Media:

Our club is active on social media. Be sure and Like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. For Twitter, be sure and connect and follow us using our handle, @cindayluckydawg. For Instagram, our account is cindayluckydawgs.