Every Sunday during the games and at other events we try to make our Backer experience exciting, memorable, and fun.

Browns Trivia: Are our members smart or what? Every game, we have 3-4 Trivia questions to test our knowledge & memories of Cleveland Browns past. Some of our Trivia winners even aspire to be on Jeopardy some day! Here are our Trivia Winners:



Justin Strider, Hayden Strider, Aaron Douglas, Adam Beach, Andrew Ambrus, Don Kushma, Pete Carden, Rich Miller, Gavin Postich, Danny Dunn, Dave Hughes, Jeff Shininger, Rick Theorensa(sp), Harper Beach, Beth Douglas, Dan Molnar, Greg Miller, Brent Boveington, Bryan Eisenhart


Brandon Walker, Tom Rodgers, Adam Beach, Greg Miller, Dave Swigonski, Gailon Revere, Marlene Whitfield, Brandon Wenning, Ed Basta, Pandora Homer, Jim Day, Jesse Bowden, Andrew Ambrus, Dennis Fitzgerald, Dan Molnar, Jason Abbott, Pete Carden, Kile Irons, Samantha Irons, Jake Elerick, Steve Forster, Nick Grote, Dave Meyer, Rich Miller, Don Kushma, Tim Davis, Steve Gulgas, Lesley Woods, Danny Dunn, Lenny Szabo, Tim Campbell, Scott Inscho, Carmen Scolfaro, Brent Boveington, Rich Mowery, Adrian Morris, Steve Yocum, Bill Graving, Sydney Wright, Mike Ambrus, Ken Poleyeff, Ben Miller


Georg Lastoskie, Tom Rogers, Adrian Morris, Gailon Revere, Greg Miller, Greg Soltis, Greg Winans, Danny Dunn, Jesse Bowden, Andrew Ambrus, Dan Molnar, Brent Boveington, Adam Beach, Connor Forsthoffer, Heidi Soltis, Kevin Thurman, Dennis Hinkle, Pete Carden, Rich Miller, Bill Keane, Glenda Boykins, Jason Kushma, Scott Wright, Rick Brindisi, Nick Grote, Brandon Walker, Ken Leib, Doug Pressler, Michael Ambrus, Don Kushma, Tom Rogers, John Albert, Ed Sedlak, Dave Young, Lenny Szabo, Ken Poleyeff



Johnny Alexander, Don Kushma, Bob Risheill, Tom Burton, Rich Miller, Jake Johnson, Steve Gulgas, Dan Molnar, Chuck Hardyman, Teri Wilson, Mike Hobson, Gavin Postich, Nick Grote, Greg Soltis, Eric Huber, Gust Chrisanthus, Danny Dunn, Gee Revere, Brady Bly, Brent Boveington, Jake Freudenberg, Ben Miller, Greg Miller, Ray Paulett, Gavin Bly, Debbie Risheill, Pete Carden, Bill Mahlock, Marlene Whitfield, Mark Hayes, Barry Holzmiller.



Guy Boveington, Steve Baker, David Wolfe, Dan Molnar, Ed Sedlak, Bob Risheill, Dave Hughes, Bill Keene, Don Kushma, Rich Miller, Mike Hobson, Paul Woodbury, Barry Holzmiller, Kari Davis, Louie Lorenzetti, John Carr, Eric Huber, Debbie Risheill, Shane Postich,  Gailon Revere, Gavin Postich, Jim Tonathy,  Bob Schwiegeraht,  John Albert,  Chuck Hardyman, Greg Miller, Gailon Revere, Roger Overholtz, Ray Paulett, Pete Carden, Floyd Heuser, Justin Strider



Ray Paulett, Ed Sedlak, Curt Bly, Paul Woodbury, Kyle Plvan, Danny Dunn, Rich Miller, Greg Miller, Bob Risheill, Pete Carden, Eric Huber, Nate Cox, Bill Berry, Jesse Bowden, Scott Inscho, Kevin Fitzgerald, Don Kushma, Roger Overholts, Gailon Revere, Bob Hendricks, Nick Grote, Ken Leib, Brent Pokopac, Gerry Deehan, Bill Keane, Brandon Schindler, Kim Lasko



Don Kushma, Eric Huber, Dan Molnar, Brady Bly,  Al Smith, Larry O’Connor, Jack Moyer, Kathy Oliphant, Joel Hager, Mat Keleshian, Rich Miller, Joe Santabene, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Bill Keane, Dennis Fitzgerald, Bob Risheill, Paul Nichols, Kyle Stroempl, Angie Bown, Dave Hughes, Steve Yokum, Bryan Eisenhart,  Andy Petty, Dan Dunn, Greg Miller



Ken Leib, Bill Berry, Brian Morgan, Ray Paulette , Jim Tonathy, Frank Satullo, Eric Huber, Bryan Eisenhart, Jesse Bowden, Jeff Bernot, Bob Risheill , Jake Isaacson, Larry O’Connor, Paul Nichols, Dennis Fitzgerald, Kyle Stroempl, Andy Petty, Ben Miller, Connor Miranda, Bill Keane, Tim Miller, Gavin Postich




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