Why should you join?

Your Benefits Package

  • Participate in all official Browns Backers events
  • Participate in all parties
  • Participate in all raffles - win official Browns merchandise
  • View all Browns games in Hi-Def., large screen TVs
  • Enjoy the games among other friendly Browns fans
    • Meet new Browns fans
    • Share stories and stay in touch with the "Cleveland Scene"

To Pay Your Dues:

Dues help fund all club functions including our parties, raffle, player appearances, etc.  Annual dues are only $20 per individual over 18 years of age and 17 and under are free.  We accept dues 24/7 throughout the entire year.

To pay on-line:

1.    Click on the above link (If you already have a PayPal account, it will prompt you to login to your PayPal account or it may ask you to set up your own PayPal account).
2.    You should land on a screen to enter the amount of money.  Enter the amount ($20 per adult).  This can be for your own dues or any adult member(s) of your family.
3.    Hit continue, and on the next screen there should be an "ADD A NOTE" field.  THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR OUR CLUB'S RECORDS.  Enter in the notes field your name and email address.  If you are paying for multiple people, enter their names and respective email addresses.
4.    NOTE:  DO NOT check the "paying for goods or services?" box. 
5.    Hit continue and follow through to complete the transaction.  It should give you a screen to enter your saved banking coordinates or saved credit cards on file.
6.    Choose your payment method and follow through with the transaction and send.  That's it. 
7.    Our club will receive an automated email receipt for our records.

JOIN  The Cin-Day Lucky Dawgs Browns Backers Chapter.  

Important – Please register your profiles

In addition to being listed on a local roster with a Browns Backers club, The Cleveland Browns Office asks that all Browns Backers register their individual profiles on the Cleveland Browns’ website. This only takes about 5 minutes of your time.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to register your profile on the Browns’ website. We certainly appreciate it!

Here is a Link to get you into the site and started:

  • Click on “Become a Backer”

    o   NOTE: You will not be able to join our club until your profile is fully completed.

  • Fill in ALL information and click “register”
  • On the next screen click “Log in”
  • Complete your profile by filling in all sections, then click “Save Profile”
  •   Once your profile is completed in its entirety, click on the ‘Backer Tracker’ at the top of the page.
  • You can search for a club by zip code, state, OR country. (Enter Mason’s zip code “45040” then click “search”)
  • Scroll down the list of results and click “Cin-DayLuckyDawgs”
  • Once the Club Profile has appeared, click on the orange circle, “Sign Up for this Chapter”.

·        That’s it!   You are in.

·        The club President will be notified that there is a request to join their club. Once they have accepted you, you will receive an email notifying you that you are an active member of the club.




SAFETY RULES (No Exceptions)

1) Do Not Move Tables. Table placement is governed by Fire Code. Please leave tables where they are. If necessary, please ask the management or staff for assistance.

2) Do Not Stand in the Aisles. Please take a seat, otherwise you are blocking people�s view, staff movements and creating a safety hazard.

3) Do Not Become Verbally or Physically Abusive to fans of any team, other patrons or the staff.

4) Watch How Much You Drink. Do not become intoxicated and please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Violations will result in appropriate actions taken in accordance with our bylaws.


1) Be kind to and remember the wait staff; your tips help pay their bills! We bring in business, but we also take up a lot of room for a lot of time.

2) Large parties should come early!  If you want a big table, send someone early and consider the large tables in the game room area. Remember, do not move tables together or ask for assistance from the management.

3) Be a good sport!  In the end remember, it is only a game and other fans love their team, too.


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