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                 "Of the Week"         


JLucky Dawgs Joke of the Week:  

Lucky Dog

(Sung to �Let It Snow�)




Oh it�s football time in Cleveland

Oh, the weather outside is frightful


Brown and Orange are all you can see

But the fire is so delightful


We gall gather to root our team on

And since we�ve no place to go


Go Brownies, Go Brownies, Go Brownies

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!



There is no time for shopping

It doesn�t show signs of stopping


And there will be no bar hopping

And I brought some corn for popping


Now raise a glass and drink some grog

The lights are turned way down low


At the Dog, Lucky Dog, Lucky Dog.

Let it now! Let it snow! Let it snow!



It�s finally time for the game

When we finally kiss goodnight


No big plays it�s really tame

How I�ll hate going out in the storm!


Drink some beer and hope for a score

But if you�ll really hold me tight


We want more, we want more, we want more!

All the way home I�ll be warm



Santa Claus please bring us a win

The fire is slowly dying


As we all watch our team lose again

And, my dear, we�re still goodbye-ing


Then we all say with a cheer

But as long as you love me so


There�s next year, there�s next year,

                                 There�s Next Year!

Let it now! Let it snow! Let it snow!



Football Time

(Sung to �Jingle Bells�)




It�s football time again

Dashing through the snow


Our team�s down 10 to 3

In a one-horse open sleigh


From dropped passes, missed tackles

Through the fields we go


And Zebras that can�t see

Laughing all the way


Our quarterback is hurt

Bels on bob-tail ring


It seems we cannot win

Making spirits bright


But the beer, good friends & great wait staff

What fun it is to ride and sing


Brings us back to here again

A sleighing song tonight




Cleveland Browns, Lucky Dog

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells


Browns Backers are we.

Jingle all the way


We gather at the Lucky Dog

Oh what fun it is to ride


To cheer for a victory.

In a one-horse open sleight, O


Cleveland Browns, Lucky Dog

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells


Browns Backers are we.

Jingle all the way


We gather at the Lucky Dog

Oh what fun it is to ride


And PRAY for a victory.

In a one-horse open sleigh.








Little Johnny was in his kindergarten class when the teacher asked the kids what their dads did for a living.

The usual jobs came up � fireman, salesman, accountant, policeman, etc. � but Johnny was uncharacteristically shy about giving an answer.

Finally, the teacher said, �Johnny, how about you? What does your father do for a living?�

Johnny murmured, �My dad�s an exotic dancer.�

The startled teacher quickly ended that segment of class and sent the other kids off to do some coloring. Then she took little Johnny aside and said, �Is that really true about your father?�

�No,� said Johnny, �he plays for the Cincinnati Bengals but I was too embarrassed to say it. 

Pete Burg, a Steelers fan, Ben Gallie, a Bengals fan, and Big Dawg all die and go to heaven. God is taking them on a tour of heaven and showing them their living quarters. First, He takes Pete and Ben and says to them, �Although you were bitter rivals on earth, here you will spend eternity as roommates in this new home.� Then God shows them a very nice house with 4 bedrooms, 2 � baths, a large kitchen, a family room with a large TV, and all the amenities.

Pete and Ben toured the home and were impressed. Then they looked out their family room window and saw this huge, luxurious, four-story mansion. The mansion was painted burnt orange & brown and had Cleveland Browns flags flying from the roof. The mansion also had a very large back yard for sports and even had a replica of bleachers exactly like the Dawg Pound from Cleveland Stadium.

Both Pete and Ben were quite perplexed. Finally, Pete turns to God and says, �Thank you for this nice home, but we just have one question: Why do we have to share this home while Big Dawg gets that beautiful mansion?�

God laughs and says, �Oh, that�s not Big Dawg�s home. That�s mine.�

Bengal�s coach Marvin Lewis is upset over his team�s losing ways so he decides to visit Bill Belichick at a New England practice. �Coach, how is it that the Patriots always seem to be on a roll? What�s your secret?�

Belichick says, �Watch this.� He calls over Tom Brady and says, �Tom, who�s your father�s brother�s nephew?� Brady responds, �That�s easy, coach�.me.�

Belichick turns to Lewis and says, �That�s what it takes, Marvin � a smart quarterback. You�ve got to have a smart QB.�

Lewis returns to Cincinnati and at the next Bengal �s practice calls over Carson Palmer. �Palmer�, Lewis barks, �Who�s your father�s brother�s nephew?� Palmer looks baffled then asks, �Uh, can I get back to you on that Coach?� Annoyed, Lewis says, �Make it quick.�

Later during practice, Palmer asks Chad Ocho Cinco, � Chad , Coach just asked me a strange question: Who�s your father�s brother�s nephew?� Ocho Cinco replies, �Duuuh, that�s simple. It�s me.�

Later on, Palmer catches up with Lewis and says, �Coach, I think I�ve got it. My father�s brother�s nephew is Chad Ocho Cinco.�

Coach Lewis, exasperated, says, �No, no, no �.It�s Tom Brady!�  

News Flash: China stripped of Medal

China�s gymnastic team has been stripped of its bronze medal from the 2008 Olympics for using an underage girl. In related news, Ben Roethlisberger is moving to China.

News Flash: Jets make female reporter feel �uncomfortable�

The NFL is going to investigate the behavior of New York Jets players who reportedly made a female reporter feel �uncomfortable�. She felt uncomfortable when they all put on Ben Roethlisberger jerseys.

News Flash:

How many Chad Ochocincos does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Just one. Chad Ochocinco holds the light bulb in the air and the world revolves around him.


When the Browns finally make it to the Super Bowl � in 2014

John, a hard-core Browns fan has purchased two tickets on the 50 yard line for every Super Bowl since 1967 in hopes of watching his beloved Cleveland Browns. Finally, after years of re-building, the Browns advance to the Super Bowl in January, 2014.

Throughout the first quarter of the game, another fan in the nosebleed section happens to notice an empty seat immediately to the right of the John�s seat. During the first quarter break, he slips by security and makes his way to the empty seat and asks John: �Is this seat taken?�

John replies, �No�. The fan asks: �Would you mind if I sit here?�

John replies, �Not at all. Go right ahead�. The fan then asks John: �I wonder why someone with a front row, fifty yard line seat wouldn�t show up at the Super Bowl?�

John replies, �Actually, my wife and I have come to every Super Bowl since 1967, but she passed away�.

The fan replies, �Oh gee, I�m sorry to hear that. But couldn�t you get a friend or relative to come to the game?�

John replies, �They�re all at the funeral.�


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